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  • Satisfied Students of The Musician Maker

    J.P. makes playing the guitar easy (well, at least possible) and fun even for old guys with stiff fingers. He is kind and patient and equipped with a vast store of musical knowledge, which he shares freely. I enjoy my lessons with him.
      Sterling Vinson, Ph.D.
    I have studied clawhammer banjo with J.P. for a ... year, and can unreservedly recommend him as a teacher... I had never played a fretted instrument, and now can knock out several tunes ( and even sing along with one or two). On my own, I would still be struggling with ... making sounds on the banjo; J.P.'s deep knowledge and understanding of the banjo and the overall pedagogy of teaching ... has greatly accelerated my playing. My ... lessons [have] not focused entirely on the banjo, however. J.P. and I have talked at legth about the history of American "roots" music and folk songs, vocal technique, steel and classical guitar methods, and music theory. I have played other instruments in the past ... and finally my previous musical training is coming together to form a musical whole. J.P. has provided insights into music theory and its real-world application that I did not receive at the undergraduate level - insights that are not meant to be merely memorized, but applied to the creation of music to be performed for friends, family... whoever will listen. I have thoroughtly enjoyed my lessons, ... and look forward to working with J.P. to further refine my playing.
      Steve J.
    J.P.'s down-to-earth but systematic lessons have helped me, within a few months, to play my heart out on the accordion. He has not only shown me the basic technical skills, but also taught me about music theory and accompanying in a way that I can apply on my other instruments. ... J.P. is a wonderful, versatile teacher who can teach almost any instrument and almost any style. He truly is a "Musician Maker" - watch out, it's addictive!
      Sabine W.
    I wanted to send you special thanks for the music lessons. You [are] a teacher I would recommend to anyone - any age or temperament... always prepared with good advice, adjusted with sensitivity to me as an individual... had a firm command of the structure of your lesson, but I always felt you understood where I was struggling, and framed your lesson accordingly. You were flexible... I'm grateful for the confidence you helped me to build with the banjo. Many thanks,
      Lois H.